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When I’d Ask To (Rebecca) Black Out

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Before entering into the body of my post I would like to state simply that I do realize this blog is by no means a flame or rant thread.

I’m sure most of us have heard about Rebecca Black’s “new hit single” Friday. For some background, it is a pop song sang by a young, female adult about Friday. Just that. What happens on Friday, what comes before Friday, and what comes after Friday. With what seems to be little to no thought on lyrics sang to simple chords and as a result a lack of talent, this video has obtained over 43 million views. With this ridiculous amount of views, one might assume this is entertaining media. And for a second, I am worried: about this generation’s music, creativity, and insight. But then of course, I realize that nearly 3/4 of the viewers have thumbed down this video. The acoustic version is only further proof of the ludicrous attention her video has gotten. Her voice sounds almost irritating following a basic melody — as a musician I can observe that the chord progression ranges like most typical pop songs, that of C7, G7, Bm, Am7, and F. Although it’s not news, I can’t help to notice that John Lennon’s Imagine barely reaches over 5 million on it’s best video. What’s even more arousing than that are the similar videos. Similar pop songs of individuals that make Justin Bieber look like a fully grown adult fill the suggestions list.

So why does this get so much attention? I feel like this is a perfect example of “Is entertaining news newsworthy?” I find this entertaining in a humorous way. When I initially saw the video I assumed this was just another “Daddy’s Princess” who wanted a music video instead of a pony. (As a side note, I did research that she is signed by ARK Music Factory, which focuses on finding new young talent in LA. I also found that she lives in Orange County, California[].) It was until I saw the acoustic video, with an ABC mark on the page and what seemed to be some sort of agent dancing to her melody that I thought this was all a joke — another person with access to a computer and the world wide web.

Maybe I am a bit harsh. And maybe I have lost all sight of children’s music. But the thought that this music catches overwhelming amounts of attention, and even that of a record label scares me.


However, if you find the stature of the song amusing as well, watch the acoustic version. You can be the judge of her voice and if you’d enjoy an intelligently, insightfully written song by her. As you judge, capture the setting.

For laughs: observe the gentleman in the green jacket. Who is he? And who is his partner, bopping in a white blazer? The two adults in the room seem to be enjoying themselves more than the young adults. My personal favorite is at 2:22 when he high-fives someone in the crowd we can’t see.


Written by BYAMnick

March 31, 2011 at 2:36 pm

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