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Libyan woman claiming rape may face criminal charges.

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I found this article on about a women in libya who claimed to be raped by a group of pro-Qadaffi militiamen and held hostage by four men and now she may face criminal charges. Iman al-Obeidi burst in a hotel full of journalists on saturday and claimed that she had been gang raped, she was then taken away and is being held by the government. Her mother is claiming that she is receiving calls from the state, to urge her daughter to keep quiet about the things that happened to her in return for anything that she wants.

the four men that she claimed raped her are now filing a criminal case against Iman al-Obeidi because she went to the media before she want to the police.

I found this article extremely interesting because we’re talking in class about politics in the media and here is a prime example of how certain things are kept from the public depending on the type of society you live in.

here in the United States someone who was a victim of such a violent crime would never be the one to be criminalized and I also feel like the media and the government would take the side of the victim as long as they had a credible story and it wouldn’t matter who the person was who committed the crime.

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April 3, 2011 at 6:22 pm

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