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WARNINGS for Food Colorings

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Although the Food and Drug Administration has already stated that there is no definite link between the artificial food coloring used in foods and health and behavior problems, recent studies are forcing the FDA to reevaluate. Instead of simply listing the ingredients on the back of a package, products such as Jell-O, Lucky Charms, and Minute Maid Lemonade may soon get a warning label that lets parents know that the artificial coloring used in the product can affect a child’s attention span.

Renee Shutters, who is a mother of two, knows very well the harmful effects that artificial food coloring can have on a child’s body. When her son was five he had severe behavior problems and school and only when she eliminated the artificial food coloring from his diet did she see a dramatic improvement in his behavior. Renee claims she found the root of the problem because as soon as the artificial food coloring was eliminated his behavior changed, it was almost instantaneous.

Personally I am very shocked that artificial food coloring has been linked to many behavior problems in children. The media is constantly blamed for children’s ADD/ADHD since we live in a society that multitask all the time and is always on the go. To think that by eliminating simple foods could change ones behavior is absurd. Cheetos, Froot Loops, and Pop Tarts are all foods that could potentially have the new warning labels if the FDA investigation continues. My main concern is what will happen to the products with the new warning labels. Will they change the product completely? Will they change the taste? Will they get rid of the product completely? I know that children can suffer from attention and behavior problems but I do not believe placing big warning labels on the outside of a product will help decrease the amount of children who suffer from these problems. Instead, it will just make the children hungrier since they will want something they cannot have and something that is not good for them.


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April 4, 2011 at 1:44 am

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