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Where did this girl come from?! I am usually a little late to know about the latest viral videos but this one just hit Facebook (and I assume Twitter as well as other social networking sites and blogs) like a tidal wave!  I remember logging on to Facebook just to check on something and pretty much everyone’s status said something about “Friday”. I just thought everyone was excited for the weekend (haha). Then a friend of mine gave me the link and said it was the worst song they had ever heard. While listening to it I thought it sounded like every other song I’ve heard on the radio lately. Sad huh? But to me, it wasn’t the worst song I have ever heard. I’m not saying I’m in love with it but I don’t understand why it got as much hate as it did. I’m sure there are much worse videos out on YouTube. So why did this one get so much heat?

The video was posted on YouTube on February 10th  although it didn’t receive any buzz until the second week in March when it was put on The Daily What, a popular blog. From there it was Twittered and posted on Tumblr and all over Facebook. From March 13-17 it went from 3 million views to 10 million. But all of these views didn’t necessarily mean that everyone was into her video. It was quite the opposite. I wasn’t sure if this girl was just trying to be funny by posting a really bad video or if it was completely serious. I guess, as it turns out, it was the latter although she never would have been able to predict how famous it would make her. She appeared on Good Morning America to talk about the aftermath of her video  and sang on the Jay Leno show. After watching her interview on Good Morning America I actually feel bad for her. She talked about how it feels like she’s being cyberbullied because of this video and she even got comments telling her she should cut herself and go die. Over a song. Many people dislike the video because of the auto-tuning. On Good Morning America they had her sing without any modifications to her voice and she actually doesn’t sound half bad. And if people hate her so much, then why do they keep talking about her? It’s just making her more famous. Sometimes I wonder if people need someone to ridicule once in awhile…because honestly, that song could have been much worse. It amazed me how fast and how many parodys of her video came out making fun of and ridiculing her. Maybe it’s just because I’m a sympathetic person but I feel for her. But I’m sure, as with many videos that go viral, this one will fade out as soon as people find another video they can make fun of.

This article talks about Black’s road to fame and future plans to release a whole album of songs.


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April 5, 2011 at 8:34 pm

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