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Snooki vs. Toni Morrison

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Recently Snooki spoke to Rutgers University for two hours and earned $32,000. Toni Morrison, a Nobel and Pulitzer award-winning author will only get $30,000 for when she delivers the commencement speech at this years graduation. Snooki, who is only a reality TV star from the controversial show, Jersey Shore only had the privilege of speaking to 1,000 lucky students. On the other hand, Toni Morrison will be speaking to over 52,000 people this coming May and she is still not getting paid as much as the “guidette” from Poughkeepsie.
Although I enjoy watching Jersey Shore, I think it is completely absurd that Snooki is getting paid more than an award-winning author. All Snooki is known for is being short, wearing her hair in a poof, having an obsession with pickles and drinking too much. Toni Morrison has won countless awards for her writing and has made a more significant and meaningful impact on the world. To think that Rutgers University is willing to pay more money for a “celebrity” to come to talk a select amount of students for a shortened period of time over their commencement speaker is disgusting. A graduation ceremony of college students is very special because it signifies entering the real working world. By paying the speaker less money than Snooki, the school is almost saying that drinking is more important than education. I am just very confused on why someone who is in the media and receives so much negative attention is paid more than someone who is an award-winning author.

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April 5, 2011 at 8:35 pm

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