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Boy with no hands

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This video talks about how a fifth grade boy who was born without the bottom 2/3 of his arms  recently won a handwriting award. Instead of holding the pen or pencil in one hand, Nick Maxim holds a pen between his two arms to write. I find this video and story incredible because society today is so caught up in the latest technologies but stories like this remind us of why technology is not always the best option. Although Nick has beaten the odds and is able to play football, soccer and even write, Nick will not be able to use a computer to type like most others. While other people are getting caught up in the latest technologies Nick will be still be writing and using a method that will seem “dated”. I personally think that we get too caught up in technology and spend too much time on the computer and why some people may look at Nick’s impairment as being a bad thing, I actually think it is a blessing.


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April 11, 2011 at 4:11 pm

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