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Fired for Looking Less Than Perfect

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The way women dress in the workplace is a topic that often recurs in the news. Women are usually  fired or chastised for dressing to skimpy or too risque for the work place. However, this is not the case for the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City.

The owners of the resort decided to makeover the theme of their casino to a roaring 20’s theme, which included having their waitresses dress up in very revealing flapper-style costumes. Fifteen of the waitresses were forced to undress and try on these new costumes under the premise that they were just for an idea for the managers and owners of what kind of design would work best for their body types. Instead, the fifteen waitresses had their pictures taken by managers in the outfits, and after a new group of younger and thinner waitresses were hired and trained, the fifteen original workers were fired because of the way they looked in these new outfits. Seven of the fifteen have already filed a lawsuit against the casino, while the remaining waitresses are still deciding on whether or not they want to take legal action. Surprisingly, this is not a new situation for casinos and hotels in Atlantic City. A similar situation also took place at the Borgata Hotel where two cocktail waitresses were fired for not looking the right way in their rather revealing uniforms. The two did take legal action but did not receive their jobs back. However, they did walk away with a multi- million dollar settlement out of their sex discrimination lawsuit.|main5|dl4|sec1_lnk3|54476


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April 11, 2011 at 4:10 pm

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