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The Rise of The Tablet

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A survey was conducted this week by Google’s mobile-centric advertising network on the amount of time spent using a tablet. With information from 1,430 respondents, certain aspects of tablet use were clarified. According to this survey, 77% of participants responded that their PC use declined after purchasing a tablet, while one in three participants spend more time with a tablet than watching television. In terms of reading physical books, the survey stated that 59% of respondents use tablets rather than reading “conventional books”.

These statistics raise interesting points within the topic of new technology and how it challenges the technology that we have all become accustomed to for many years. Many people today still marvel at how incredible computers are and their vast capabilities; numerous programs, the use of webcams, and the efficiency it brings to one’s life is something to truly be in awe of. Yet, recently the invention of tablets have pushed the limits of desktops and laptops, providing us with more technology to marvel at.  Tablets provide functions of a laptop, television, a source to literature, and communication to others, while also having the capability to be mobile like a cell phone. Let’s face it- tablets can be considered as super technology. We are no longer chained by our cables; we have the capability to go beyond our homes and have access to the functions of multiple technologies. This technology has the ability to change the way people live their lives and take advantage of the efficiency that it brings.


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April 11, 2011 at 4:15 pm

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