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Kobe Bryant is a !@&*(#@

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On Wednesday April 13th, the Los Angeles Lakers battled the San Antonio Spurs.  Just days away from the onset of the 2011 NBA playoffs, emotions ran high among the number 1 seed (San Antonio) and the potential number 2 seed (Los Angeles).  Lakers star, Kobe Bryant, committed an unforgivable foul after he was slapped with his *15th technical of the season by referee Bennie Adams.

Angrily, Bryant shouted an anti-homosexual slur at Adams.  The public outrage was almost instantaneous.  In immediate damage control mode, the NBA commissioner, David Stern, fined Bryant $100,000.  Stern deemed Bryant’s comments as “offensive and inexcusable.”

It is four days later and the playoffs have begun and it appears as if Bryant’s “offensive and inexcusable” comments have been forgiven and/or forgotten.  This is reminiscent of Bryant’s previous history with the media and his fans.  In 2003, the married Bryant, was accused of statutory rape .  Similarly to this weeks incident, Bryant ‘sincerely’ apologized, flashed his money around, and all was forgiven.

It is time for fans to stop accepting Bryant’s rude, unethical, immoral behavior.  True, Bryant is arguably the best basketball player since Michael Jordan.  Bryant’s off-the court behavior, however, distinctly separates him from being deserving of the comparison.

Take his most recent blunder for example.  A technical foul is most commonly called on NBA players for inappropriate conduct.  Prior to April 13th’s game Bryant already had 14 technicals on the season.  That is 14 separate occasions of inappropriate behavior.  How many technical fouls did Michael Jordan have through his entire career? 8.  Bryant has nearly doubled that in one season.

Bryant’s most recent outburst is more offensive than any of his previous indiscretions because it alienates the entire Lesbian/Gay/Transgender community.  It paints a picture of egotistical, disrespectful, uneducated athletes.  It reflects poorly on himself, his team, and the league.

As fans, it is time to take a stance.  No more forgiveness for repeat offenders.

*After a player commits a 16th technical foul in one season, they will be suspended for one game.


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April 22, 2011 at 4:13 pm

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