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Let Bieber Pray!

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We’re all guilty of flipping through a magazine or browsing different websites and stopping when we see a celebrity we love. They may just be getting coffee or walking their dog, but for whatever reason it’s important enough for a paparazzo to take a picture of. Somehow, they even make money off it. Those people in the limelight often complain about how they can’t spend time with their kids without being followed. Everyone understand paparazzi are just trying to make a living, but how far is to far?

Justin Bieber is currently in Israel performing and meeting the Prime Minister. The teenager is known for being rather religious, so it makes sense he would take the time out of his schedule to see places “he’s waited his whole life to see” and “walk where Jesus walked”. However, he cancelled those pilgrimages to stay in his hotel when the paparazzi wouldn’t leave him alone while praying.

It’s not that I’m a big Bieber fan, but I still feel bad for the kid. Decades ago taking pictures of celebrities eating and then selling those pictures would have been inconceivable. Now, we can take them during private, reverent times without thinking twice. How much farther will it go?


Written by What is Popular is not Always Right...

April 22, 2011 at 2:02 pm

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