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MCDE Spring 2011 Showcase: Dancing in the Streets (for a cause)

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On April 16th and 17th in the James J. McCann Center at Marist College, the Marist College Dance Ensemble put on their Spring 2011 dance show entitled ‘Dancing in the Streets.’ The dance ensemble is one of the largest clubs on the Marist campus and is completely student run. The executive board is run by students, and each piece for the show is choreographed and taught by students who audition for the position each semester. The showcase was held at the campus gym this semester. A stage was built in the middle of one of the main basketball courts, and attendees sat on the bleachers to view the performance. There was an interesting variety of dance styles including hip hop, jazz, ballet, lyrical, modern, contemporary, Irish step, and tap. The shows are typically dominated by hip hop and lyrical/contemporary pieces due to the wide array of interest, but the less popular genres always make an appearance and shine through as well.

The dance ensemble does many community service events each semester as well, and for the show, they decided upon donating to the John Flower Easter Egg Hunt for Poughkeepsie families. They instituted a collection of Easter eggs, candy, and small Easter-themed stuffed animals to give to the charity so less fortunate families in the area could participate in a fun Easter egg hunt of their own. Donations appeared to be successful, and the dancers encouraged more donations by offering a discount off the ticket at the door if an item was donated.

The efforts of the ensemble in their high-energy performance and their service to the local community have allowed them to become recognized by the college in various ways. They were once known as the Marist College Dance Club but were deemed worthy of the term ‘ensemble’ instead at the start of this school year to show the professional commitment the members all put into the organization. A brief press release about their show also was released by Marist College Public Affairs, which made it to the front page of the Marist College website.

I am in the ensemble and even choreograph tap and have seen the efforts first hand. From a communications perspective, we know how to get the word out about our shows, get people pumped up, and even communicate within the group to promote close friendship and create impressive dance numbers together. I look forward to continuing with this club and am so happy it’s gaining recognition on the campus through public affairs and expanding its communications abilities.


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April 22, 2011 at 7:40 pm

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