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Yemen: Another country unrest

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Since the beginning of the semester, the Middle East region has been experiencing protests against their oppressive governments. After the successful, peaceful protest Egypt held, the international coverage stopped occurring. Other nations followed in Egypt’s footsteps hoping to create change in their government also, but little has been done. Aside from coverage about Libya and the countries that got involved with the potential civil war, news outlets in the United States have failed to cover anything else.

What happened to Tunisia, which actually began protests before Egypt and then there’s Yemen. The United States are allies with Yemen and there has been limited coverage about what is happening in Yemen.

Protests are getting more violent, organizations that support the military and government is killing these protesters. These protesters, like the protesters in the other nations have not acted violently. But they continue to die.

Attorney general Abdullah Al-Olufi said he will resign if “those who were responsible for killing almost 60 protesters and injuring hundreds of others should be identified and brought to justice soon.”

President Ali Abdullah has been in power since 1978. Whether they want him to step down as president or transfer his powers to his vice president is unclear to different opposition groups and protesters.

What I don’t understand is why are these “democracies” holding presidential office for so long? There are standards in a democracy and many of these nations do not follow them. They should not be allowed to be called a democracy, have the title as president. Last time I checked I elected my president and if I was unhappy with him or her it is time for a new person. Or even if I liked the president, they had to go after eight years. Sure, not every government has to shadow the American model of democracy but government systems need to appropriately categorize their government. Let’s try being “politically correct” here.

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April 22, 2011 at 2:41 pm

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