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Getting the word out isn’t easy: The lives of international journalists

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After reading a few tweets from news outlets that announced the deaths of Tim Hetherington, an Oscar nominated photojournalist. I decided to open the Huffington Post to see what has been reported so far. I found out that not only Hetherington died in Libya by a mortar fire, but Chris Hondros, who was a Pulitzer Prize nominee also died. It is unfortunate that journalists who are trying to feed us the most recent updates are risking their lives in the process. As a journalism major myself, I am always thinking about the risks of pursuing this profession. After hearing about the many kidnappings of other journalists and the two Korean journalists last summer, I will admit that I am a bit afraid.

My family always knew I wanted to be a journalist but they were never fond it. Being a first generation American myself it is hard to explain to them that I believed in the American Dream. Pursuing a career that will provide lucrative funds was never my plan. I have always wanted to be a print journalist, since I was 12. My family kept telling me it was a bad idea to pursue such a career because there are no job opportunities available. Newspapers and magazines are going digital,

“you are out of a job before you even had the chance to join.”

And when those Korean journalists got kidnapped last summer, my mother went over the edge. She was especially afraid that being a minority, woman journalist would always have me at a disadvantage or vulnerable to rebels. But after I transfered to Marist last fall, my family realized I was serious about pursuing journalism. Since then they have supported my decision, but they are always afraid for the worst.

What also saddens me about this attack in Libya is that other journalists got injured too. We have not heard on the conditions of the other journalists, just that they are receiving treatment in the hospital. I have read many tweets from Anderson Cooper’s account stating that his team have been involved in a physical scuffle. It does not matter how prevalent your credibility is because you are still at risk by those who do not want to be exposed. I just hope that the well-being of more of these martyrs for the truth stay as safe as possible.

Written by nugepham

April 26, 2011 at 6:30 pm

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