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No More Color-Coded Terrorist Alerts- Say it ain’t so!

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The article states, “The two alert levels of the new system are “elevated threat,” which “warns of a credible terrorist threat” to the United States; and “imminent threat,” which “warns of a credible, specific and impending terrorist threat,” according to a Department of Homeland Security statement”. The police departments, along with homeland security and the government in the New York City area is changing the system in order of people to better understand how serious the threat is to the individual and their travels.

How many times have you as an individual gone through some sort of security checkpoint or been aware of the threat level? I know from my travels I always take note as to what “color” or level it is up to. It got to a point where even the middle level I would have no regard for. We as a society are used to our safety being an issue. We are inundated through the media as to the threat level we are under. 

I think this new system will make people be more conscious of the actually threat level. Seeing the sign that says “imminent threat” will be more alarming then “we are at level yellow”. This is just what my opinion is. What do you think? Should our entire nation do away with the elementary color-coded terrorism threat and start using “big-kid” words and telling the public the truth?


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April 26, 2011 at 6:23 pm

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