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Technology: an alternate means of getting information

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I came across this article and I thought about our discussion regarding whether or not books are better than television or video games. The article basically is about how Amazon will launch a library lending for Kindle books, from over 11,000 libraries in the U.S., later this year. This I think shows that books are not becoming obsolete, but instead books are evolving as technology evolves as well. For example, the article mentions how the Kindle free reading apps for devices like the iPad, iPad touch, iPhone, Mac, which I think shows that people continue to find new ways to read as more technology increases. This, I think, in a way counters Postman’s argument because it shows that people are not hindering themselves with technology, but rather that people are finding new ways in which they can become more knowledgeable through new technological advances.


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April 26, 2011 at 6:30 pm

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