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We’re not in North Carolina Anymore.

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This article reports on the recent tornados that hit the southeast region of the United States. I find it particularly interesting because my permanent residence is in Georgia and I have family in North Carolina. Before I heard about the dangerous weather on the news, I got a text message from my mother saying that my Aunt Jenny’s house had been hit by a tornado but everyone was all right.

It took a few days to hear from her, but I finally got an email yesterday with an update and some pictures of the damage. In contrast to the objective reporting in the article, Jenny recalled the entire experience in detail from a real-life perspective. Some highlights from her email are below.

“Dani and I were painting the dining room when the lightning started…I was telling everyone to look at the wicked cool lightning show we were getting.   Then suddenly the sky turned an unnatural color that you will never forget once you have seen it…  We started toward the kitchen when the most incredible noise you have ever heard was upon us.  Nick was standing by the back window and he watched the first tree come down on the house.  So he ran to grab Julia who was clipped on the counter in her sassy seat.  We could hear all the trees crashing around us.  I was yelling for all the kids to get in the corner of the kitchen and yet I wasn’t even sure that we should be there because I couldn’t see where the trees were landing…Nick was desperately trying to unbuckle the baby from her sassy seat and get her away from the window.  By the time we all got huddled in the kitchen corner, it was virtually over.  We said one Hail Mary and on Our Father and then it was all done.”

“The rain continued for about half an hour and then everything was fine.  One tree went straight through our bonus room…Two trees landed on either side of my car. (Thank you, God)  Two other trees landed on the house… There was also a branch that went through Nick’s closet and into the kids bathroom.  I still haven’t even thought about cleaning up that mess – maybe tomorrow.”

“Sunday morning watching this humungous crane (almost as long as our driveway) lift the trees off of the roof, carry them up and over the house and lay them down out front.  We lost 11 trees… For now, our power is back on, we have tarps over the holes and we are all safe.  We know that you are keeping us in your prayers and we really appreciate that.  We’ll keep you posted, but the most important news is that we are fine.”

Events like this are a good reminder that when you read a news story, you should think about the people involved. Every day I watch the news and hear about a murder in New York City or a child that has gone missing. Sometimes I forget that actual people are involved. Someone may read this news story about this bad weather and then move on, but for me the story is much bigger.


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April 26, 2011 at 6:23 pm

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