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The Knicks were swept in the playoffs by the Boston Celtics today, in a series that could have ended a totally differently if they had just one player, Chauncey Billups. Todays games showed how much Billups actually means to the team. He is the player who kept everyone in sync and made sure players were where they were supposed to be. For the first three quarters of todays game and all of  game 3 it showed exactly how much he contributes to the team. I can only imagine how the series could have turned out if he was able to play. With this loss, it officially starts the Knicks off-season in what should be an interesting one to say the least. On the top of their list will be to rebuild the supporting cast to get more help for Billups, Melo, and Amare. Also, to iron out the contract situations with the GM, Donnie Walsh and coach, Mike Dantoni.

ESPN – Box Score Game 4


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April 27, 2011 at 7:06 pm

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