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Changes in Easter

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This past Sunday the Frontline City Church hosted a special Easter service at a bar.

Yeah, those cocktails definitely made the mass that more special.

“The bible never talks about what the building should look like, so we’re open to meet everywhere and anywhere for God’s glory,” said Frontline City Church Lead Pastor Justin Kendrick.

This unique mass occured at Toad’s Place, a popular bar in New Haven, Connecticut.

So squash those assumptions about blatant drinking during this mass, as churches all over the world celebrated the joyous holiday of Easter.

I too, spent Easter a bit differently than I usually did.

Instead of enjoying the Catholic holiday with my large, Vietnamese and Catholic family, I decided to accompany my roommate to attend her family’s Easter festivities in Somerset, Pennslyvania. Somerset is about an hour and a half away from Pittsburgh. I decided to remove myself from my traditional Easter to see how others spent their Easters and it was a free trip to another state.

Though Catholic rituals are pretty common in every state, but attending St. Peter’s was an interesting experience to say the least. They sang much more, people actively participated in the mass and all parishioners knew one another. I was fascinated by the high sense of religious and local culture among these parishioners. Even the students who left Somerset to attend college far from Somerset were there, interacting with as many residents as possible.

I also attended a mass where the priest blessed the food that parishioners brought in baskets, that were filled with food they were going to cook for the Easter feast. My Catholic church at home did not do that, I wished they did.

My family typically does everything during lunch time so I often had time to hang out with my friends after the festivities were over. But my roommate’s family had different upcoming Easter activities everyday, this holiday consisted of many inclusive family activities I never did before. It was a nice change.

Despite having a wonderful time with another family that had different traditions from mine, I did miss my family very much during Easter. But I feel it is important to do things you are comfortable with in an uncomfortable matter to learn and gain from the experience. One may understand why someone has a particular attitude about a topic by inserting themselves. As much as traditions mean consistency, they are also made to be broken to create new memories.


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April 27, 2011 at 7:08 pm

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