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From Meth Addict to Millionaire

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64 year old Bob Williamson has achieved the life long dream of many college students and entrepreneurs; he has made himself a millionaire from working hard and building up companies. However, most people would not expect exactly how Williamson has gotten to where he has in life. For the first half of his life, Williamson was a vagabond, meth addict, thief and alcoholic with no education and no drive to do anything for himself.

In this day in age, people often stress the importance of education and feel that without it, one will not succeed. However, with education one must have drive, and Williamson exhibits this quality. After becoming homeless and addicted to drugs and alcohol, Williamson ended up in the hospital after getting into a head on collision while being intoxicated. While in the hospital, Williamson (an atheist) decided to read the Bible, being that it was on the bestseller list. From here, he was inspired and  determined to change the scary and reckless life he had been living. Williamson got himself a job at Glidden paint company and saved up his mere $350 a month to start his own business. Ever since, Williamson has been sober, has gotten married, and has been moving up in businesses and making a name for himself.  Williamson eventually opened his own company in 1992; Horizon Software International. After building up this company he eventually sold it for 75 million dollars cash, and the rest of the millionaire’s successes are history.

Williamson’s story is the true meaning of rags to riches, and shows how drive and motivation can truly make you who you are and will determine how successful you will become. Because of his life changing accident Williamson closes the article with the quote “Fortunately I became a serial entrepreneur instead of a serial killer”, in reference to where he has come from to where he is now.|main5|dl4|sec3_lnk3|56879

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