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While aimlessly searching for an article to write about I happened upon this cute little robot that looks like a bunny. It’s called a Karotz. This customizable robot reminds me of a smart phone in that you have the ability to download apps onto it with the use of little things called “Flatnanoz”. It’s there to help you throughout your day. It can wake you up, tell you the weather, blast your favorite tunes, call other Karotzs, help you learn a new language, and update you on your friends’ Facebook/Twitter statuses. It even has a webcam that allows you to check up on what’s going on inside your home from your smart phone. Actually, I find it a little creepy to know that through this bunny someone could be watching you. According to the articles I’ve read it doesn’t seem to be available for purchase yet but it’s highly anticipated among the techie world–especially since it only costs $200.  I’m not so sure about the future of this little guy but it does seem like a cool gadget to play with. Is there really a need for it when smart phones and tablets are out there? I’m not so sure. Because I doubt that people would want to carry it around instead of their phones seeing that it would probably be very inconvenient.

Like all other things that are coming out nowadays, it’s just another thing to make your life easier–just way cuter.


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April 27, 2011 at 7:07 pm

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