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I just recently read an article by CNN that talked about the inundation of smartphone is the hands of the consumers and how it is turning into  a serious decision when picking your new phone. There are a lot of things that go into it but mostly the question is, “what do you want your phone to say about you?”. 

Do you want the iPhone that is trendy and new? The Droid that is innovative and growing in the smartphone market? Or the Blackberry that is functional and of course has the coveted bbm. The article states, “”Almost 20% of consumers are unsure of [which smartphone] to choose next”. Consumers are obsessed with technology and committing to one phone with one operating system is a huge thing.

I have a Droid Incredible and I love it most of the time. I do have smartphone envy though. I see my friends bbm-ing and getting pins so I then want a Blackberry. I see others using facetime and video chatting through the cells so I want the iPhone. I utilize the features on my phone and I love the Droid. 

What kind of smartphone is ideal for you?


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April 28, 2011 at 3:14 pm

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