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Ads in a show?

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In the media we see advertisements everywhere and usually they are during the designated commercial break. However, the advertisement teams have found interesting ways of fitting their advertisements into a show. One of these unique places can be seen in this season’s edition of the Ultimate Fighter on Spike. The show has numerous places were advertisements are added into the show. The show helped generate popularity for MMA and competitors from the show have gone on to do well in UFC. The winner goes on to receive a contract from UFC.

During each episode, a fight is chosen.  As the fighters walk into the room, an advertisement comes on: “The Fight Announcement is brought to you by Dodge, and we are never neutral.”

Before the fight they show the “Tale of the Tape” giving the fighter’s age, height, reach and record. The “Tale of the Tape” is sponsored by Miller Lite. The advertisement says, “Triple Hops brewed for that great pilsner taste, taste greatness.”

The fight clock during the rounds is presented by Edge shave gel and says, “We are getting ready to get ready, and we get ready with Edge.”

The ring itself where the fight takes places had advertisements everywhere. There is a big Burger King logo in the middle, with small advertisements for Spike TV, Edge Shaving cream, Miller Lite, UFC, and Stacker 2.


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May 2, 2011 at 3:24 pm

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