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Editing for Facebook

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Facebook has added the option of editing for it’s users, allowing people to alter their comments on their friends status updates or walls. While this option has been present in forums and blogs for years, Facebook has just recently decided to add this function to their site. There is a time limit placed on editing a comment, so if users want to change something that was written, they have to alter their comments within a few days or else the chance is lost. People can still delete comments entirely, as well.

One of the reasons that Facebook brought this option to users was so that people could fix typos without erasing a comment entirely, which can be frustrating, and also to provide users an option of changing a certain comment that they did not want the public to see. While many people openly express their every thought on the internet (with either twitter, facebook, or any other social network site) some people do not understand the repercussions of a direct stream of thought publicly posted for everyone to view. Facebook has recognized the need for users to edit their comments, or simply have the option to review their comments.

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May 2, 2011 at 3:23 pm

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