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Obama’s Birth Certificate

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After two years as President, it is interesting to learn how many people have remained concerned about Barack Obama’s actual place of birth.  Businessman Donald Trump has recently made several public claims that it has been unclear whether or not Obama was actually born in the United States.  The president stated that the distraction over his birth certificate “wasn’t good for the country.” To get rid of the distraction, Obama released his birth certificate to the public revealing that he was, in fact, born in the United States.

Hype is beginning to surround the release and people are questioning whether or not he should have taken such an action.  With plans and talks of running for a second term, Obama wants to make sure nothing can or will be held against him, distracting people from the issues the nation is facing, even if it is just speculation.

It is interesting to see how much is released to the media if enough speculation and hype is out there.  The media plays such a huge part in our daily lives.  Now that Obama’s birth certificate is out, it is inevitable that the nation will either see it or hear about it, and the question of whether or not he is a true citizen will cease.


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May 2, 2011 at 3:17 pm

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