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Below I have listed the songs which define my musical interests in a somewhat chronological order.

1. Crazier, Taylor Swift- I don’t care what anyone says about Taylor Swift. I love her and not just cause shes the latest trend in music. My mom brought me up on Country music. While I am neither from the south, religious, or republican I can’t help but love Country music. People who don’t give Country a chance think that every country song is about hicks playing twangy guitars. But if really given a fair chance, people would realize that Country stars, like Taylor, sing about our lives.

2. The Anthem, Good Charlotte- I am not ashamed to admit that in middle school I was a Good Charlotte fan. Mostly because I believe most people my age went through the same phase. At the time, I really enjoyed their music. So when they went on tour for their Young and the Hopeless album, I gathered up a few friends and went to the concert…my first concert. This was not only a significant experience because it was my first live show, but because it ultimately exposed me to two of my all time favorite bands: Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin. While my interest in Good Charlotte didn’t last, their opening act, Something Corporate (led by front man Andrew McMahon who also started the band Jack’s Mannequin) made a lasting impression on me.

3. Hurricane, Something Corporate – Something Corporate never really made it big. They usually only play as headliners locally in California and nationally on circuits like the Warp Tour. Its too bad cause instrumentally and lyrically they are amazing. Front man, Andrew McMahon, plays piano in most of their songs which makes SC unlike any other band I know.

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May 2, 2011 at 3:22 pm

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