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The United Sports of America

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Last summer the sport of soccer entered households all around the world during the World Cup. I’ve played soccer my whole life, so I was ecstatic about the widespread viewing of the games. However, I was even happier for the support and reactions from all of my friends who didn’t play the sport. I still remember the Algeria vs USA game in which Landon Donovan scored the game winning goal in stoppage time. I jumped off my couch and ran around my house screaming with joy and then called my best friend on the phone where we screamed and cried together in celebration. When I discovered this video on Youtube it gave me the chills. It is a montage of reactions to the game winning goal. This goal advanced the United States to the next round of the World Cup.  I found it amazing to see all of the different reactions. While they are from all around the country and the world, they were all watching the same game routing for the same team. I think it is fascinating how sports can have such a uniting effect on a country. The World Cup last summer was a great example of our country showing their support. The Olympics are another instance in which national pride is raised. While during the year everyone has their favorite teams and rivalries within the United States, I find that national sport teams have the ability to bring a country together.


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May 4, 2011 at 7:09 pm

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