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Jay & B Boo’ed

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Last night at the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Gala, rapper Jay-Z and singer wife, Beyonce were boo’ed. The disapproval was coming from the paparazzi who was angered that the couple was not posing long enough for pictures. Besides their seeming lack of concern for the paparazzi was Beyonce’s dress. She was wearing a skin-tight black and gold Pucci fishtail dress. She could barely walk up the stairs and even needed assistance from her husband and other personnel to help her get around. Hearing boos directed toward Jay-Z and Beyonce is shocking. They are two of the most successful and talented entertainers in todays generation and a boo is a sound that they do not hear often.

People who are constantly in the spotlight are under excruciating pressure to do everything right. Wear the perfect dress, take the perfect picture, and say the perfect things. I believe that the paparazzi and the general public put too much pressure on these stars. If Beyonce makes a bad fashion choice, it is her decision and she should not be ridiculed for it. But what’s worse, if Jay & B want to move along the red carpet to their seats quickly, they should be able to. They are people and should not be forced to need to be essentially mannequins, posing for starving paparazzi.


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May 10, 2011 at 2:33 am

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