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Stage Dives and High Fives

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I’ve unfortunately never been able to see Story of the Year live, but my friends told me a story about how they weren’t their favorite band, but they played the sickest show. I didn’t understand so I inquired further. The response was something like “they throw their guitars in the air and do mad back flips.”

I’ve been to many live shows, and my favorite band (New Found Glory) is due to the fact of their undeniably amazing live performance. But I saw this video and my jaw dropped, and now I’m in a frenzy to find myself tickets to their next show near me.

So while we’re still on the topic of music, I will admit that I play bass guitar in a band that has live performances like the one in the video. Guitars weigh a lot, and I wouldn’t dare do a backflip on stage without my guitar, let alone take my guitar off and throw it across stage to either my guitarist or a stagehand. I reach my limit jumping as high as I can, and leaning on my lead guitarist for fun.

So what kind of live performance gets you excited?
I’m sure you don’t need guitars flailing in the air to get your jaw to drop, but leave a comment on your best experience of a live performance, whether it be for music or anything else.


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May 10, 2011 at 2:03 am

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