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AP gains App cred: NY Times Exec. hired for work digital devices

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After Apple’s announcment of the iPad tablet computer, just a month ago, doubts have surfaced to the application of this device in the modern market. Clearly, some were perplexed by the usefulness of the device, when netbooks and Apple’s own iPhone can fill a similar niche. While these questions may remain unanswered, several companies are beginning to realize the importance of developing apps for the new product. If past Apple releases are any indication, there is a great deal of revenue that can be tapped into, if one produces a useful, and popular application.

The Associated Press is attempting to fill this gap with a news gathering application designed solely for the iPad. To assist with the app’s development, they have brought on board former New York Times executive Nick Ascheim, who was once in charge of the Times’ website management. The AP, hit hard by the general shift towards internet media in favor of print, is attempting to diversify their offerings, and sees these applications as a step forward, ensuring a new source of income as the population moves further into the digital age (Source: Yahoo! News).

AP has announced that the app, which will most likely take the form of a news update feed similar to RSS, will be offered free of charge at first, in order to insure a good customer base, after which, a fee will be charged. It is difficult to determine how much income can be generated from the sale of such an application, but AP remains hopeful that this investment will pay off, due to the expected popularity of Apple’s new unit.


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March 24, 2010 at 5:15 pm

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